Our vision lies in the aspect of creating a way to raise money and awareness of individuals with special needs and disabilities through the Perfect Fit Foundation with the ability to serve the special needs community of Southwest Kansas in providing multidisciplinary therapy services in the form of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and applied behavioral therapy. The foundation will fund the non-profit clinic

Our goal is to serve all of Southwest Kansas, not simply Dodge City. It is evident that all the afore-mentioned services are lacking in all areas of Southwest Kansas, including both the larger cities and smaller towns and communities. The Perfect Fit Foundation will strive to reach all individuals that need and deserve therapy services through the creation and development of the Perfect Fit Therapy.

Our future goal is in addition to out-patient based therapy services for children ages birth-21, Perfect Fit will provide an inhouse Learning Center aspect to the clinic as well, offering education services for children with special needs and peer models.

Therapy services will be available for children attending the learning center as well. The learning center will offer all-day care and Pre-School for children ages 3-5 in the community for a weekly tuition. The pre-school will provide curriculum to prepare kids for school as well as giving special needs toddlers and pre-school aged children early intervention with peer-modelling to aid in developing skills though observation and imitation. The students with special needs will also have the availability of the therapy clinic services and therapists throughout their day of care.

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